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Where The Next Gen G80’s Design Could Be Heading

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Though it may be a SUV, the new Genesis GV80 concept unveiled at the New York auto show earlier this year gives us some insight as to where the newly separated brand's design language is heading. The G80 sedan may have been conceived whilst the badge was still a Hyundai nameplate, but its next iteration should reflect Genesis's newfound individuality and that's where the GV80 comes in.

Genesis chief designer Luc Donckerwolke wanted to create a concept that conveyed "athletic elegance" and CarAndDriver thinks the vision was realized. There's the prototype's muscular wheel arches and overall proportions, but what stand out the most are its head- and taillights.

"These quad lights will become our signature," said Donckerwolke.

So we can expect to see something with similar styling to appear in the next Genesis model and perhaps even the updates versions of their current lineup. Another major change will be the grille, no longer will it be a hexagonal shape, instead the new design should look like the concept's. At least in shape, not sure if Genesis will keep the two tiered grille.

"We will not have such a strong similarity between generations, so that people will actually know what is the new car. But the theme will be the same."

For all we know, the next generation G80 sedan could be unrecognizable from the outgoing model.
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The lower vents does give it a more aggressive look, but I also like the strip of LED lights that the outgoing G80 has. Genesis will need to find a happy medium between what people are used to seeing and what Donckerwolke envisions.
Finally, they aimed at SUV market. For over two years Genesis brand has been building upmarket sedans without offering an upmarket SUV, I think if this model will make it into production Genesis may strengthen their position in the market.
Already i see a lot of Bentley Bentayga in it which if that's the real approach planned, it could mean some good sales numbers for them. Right now I think people are okay with the idea of owning a cheaper version of something else, especially if its done right. Already we see that taking place with the Kia Stinger.
The grille is almost as ugly as the ones on Lexus and Toyotas. The bar is lower portion looks like a smiley face.
As for the lower vents, are they functional or just a styling feature as on most newer M-B products? Regardless I'm not impressed with them. On an SUV or coupe they might be OK, but keep them off the sedans. That is one reason why I have ruled out purchasing another M-B product.
I'll take a pass on the four light strips substituting for headlights as well. It's a car!
If they redesign anything, they need to do the badge. The wings are good, but look too much like Chrysler's.
I have a feeling that some of what we see here has something to do with Hyundai's hydrogen SUV. Even though its not under Genesis, it is a high end SUV and DNA will be shared to some extent.

more on it here:
To each their own I suppose, and the grille could be more refined but I do like the diamond pattern instead of the usual slats.
I think that as long as they run with the idea of a cleaner grille design and headlight setup to complement it, then Genesis could win over a lot of buyers. SUV's are what people really want these days so the better they can improve on little things like design, the better off they will be positioned.
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