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Hello all,

I've very recently purchased a 2014-built Genesis Sedan, that was first Registered in Australia in August 2016.

After reading through the Owners' Manual and determining some of the features it has and doesn't have, I'm at a loss to know what Model it is and hope somebody can help.

These are some of the the "features" that I've found that it has:

1) The 3.8 Litre engine
2) 8 speed transmission
3) 18" wheels
4) adaptive cruise control
5) lane change assist
6) 8" in-car display
7) 3.8 badge on the back
8) Front & Rear parking sensors
9) Rear window blind
10) auto opening book (proximity)
11) Auto Hold

These are some of the features that I so far found that it doesn't have (in no particular order):

1) The front seats are heated but not cooled
2) These's no heads-up display
3) No blind spot warning
4) No around view monitoring

I've worked out that my car doesn't have the "ultimate pack", but can anybody identify what Australian Complied Model I have?

Perhaps a GDi/G380?

Many thanks in advance.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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