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What are you comparing the Genesis G80 with?

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Being a person open to just about any make and model, the Audi A6, Lexus GS and Mercedes E-Class are three models I plan on comparing the Genesis G80 with. Of course these aren't the only cars the G80 rivals, it can vary quite a bit depending on exactly what you're looking at. With that being said,

  • what are you comparing the G80 with?
    [*]what do you like/dislike about them?

Feel free to be as detailed or brief in your response, just about anything relevant it welcomed.
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There's also the BMW 5 Series but I don't really trust BMW when it comes to vehicle reliability. I was thinking of the 2016 GS F but that things isn't exactly cheap at over 80k MSRP and that's without adding anything.

The Genesis G80 is at a reasonable price, Hyundai makes reliable vehicles and the standard G80 is pretty well equipped already.
Have a 2010 E350 and it's a very nice car. MB's are pricey, as are BMW's, Audis and anything made in Europe. Main reason is the options that have to be added to get to the same level as Asians include.
The MB E is not going to ride as well as a Genesis, even if you get the Luxury version, which I did. German cars ride stiffer and are designed for that purpose.
I've considered the 2017 E, but the front end is not attractive at all. MB and most German cars have often confusing navigation, audio, phone, etc. electronics.
Oh, and I prefer it, but the gear shift on E is on the column.
Rule of thumb for German engineers is: If it can be done in 3 steps, lets make it 5 or 6.
As for reliability, the E is the most reliable MB, but that ain't saying much.
If seriously comparing, you need to get a complete list of all the features and options. Those are often only found in printed brochures for some reason. The one for the Genesis G80 is excellent in this regard.
Then compare what comes standard on each and what options you want and how much they will cost. MB, BMW, etc. will add huge costs just to get the standard safety features on the G80.
Of course, maintenance is another cost. Some manufacturers include it in intial price or lease, but YOU are paying for it one way or another.
Maint. on my MB runs $400 every other year and $1,000 the other years. You can do some yourself or get an indy. But here again, they are very complicated and much more difficult than Asian cars. This leads to higher prices.
When you narrow it down, take candidates for a long test drive with lots of varying conditions. And tell the sales person to shut up while you are driving.
One thing I do when getting a new car is to get a printed brochure for each, then when narrowed down to final 2, 3 or 4 I lay the brochures on a counter or bed and compare pictures. The most important picture is the dashboard because that is what I will be looking at almost all the time.
Good luck on your hunt and let us know what you pick. It ain't gonna be easy.
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I'm comparing my G80 with my S550.
If you don't mind, some insight on what you think about the G80 coming from an S-Class would be great, since the S-Class is just about as best as it gets in this segment. Even till today, especially today the S-Class still sits right at the top.

Thanks in advance.
I was planning on comparing my G80 with my new S550 Cabriolet. So here is my comparison. 3000 perfect miles on the G80 and it just keeps getting smoother. 469 miles on the S550 and it is in the shop with, of all things, a porous oil pan that must be replaced. $55000 vs $155000. Guess who wins. After this, does anything else really matter?
In a previous post I discussed my problematic new Mercedes S550, which replacing the oil pan did not stop the leak. Now parts are ordered from Germany and will take a week to arrive and be installed. Mercedes does not pick up your car at your residence and return it. They do provide a loaner. The G80 leaks not a drop and based on that, has much higher quality.
Perhaps you just got a lemon? I haven't heard too many issues with the S550 though but I do understand how long it takes for parts to come in on those. It's definitely a killer. Thankfully, you're getting a loaner to deal with the inconvenience though.

Still, does say a lot when it comes to the reliability.
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