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Valve rattle on 3.3T

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I noticed a valve rattle in the 3.3T engine on my G80 Sport shortly after taking delivery in February of this year. It seems to almost disappear after the car warmed up for a minute or two so I didn't pay any attention to it. My car went in for an oil change last week and I mentioned it to my service advisor. Much to my surprise, I was advised that my engine's intake & exhaust CVVTs were defective and needed to be replaced.

I was wondering if anyone else has noticed a valve rattle in their engine on cold start up or were notified of a CVVT problem? BTW, CVVT stands for Continuous Variable Valve Timing. They are oil pressure valves that time the intake and exhaust strokes of the Camshaft.
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This is the first I'm hearing of a valve rattle from Genesis, let alone the G80. Maybe it has happened to someone else before, but not to my knowledge. Now I'm worried if it's affecting a large batch of G80 and if a recall is on the horizon.
Suppose its a good thing that you mentioned this to your dealer, as that could have caused some expensive issues down the line. Haven't heard of any similar complaints from owners as of yet. So they were just defective from factory?
Just a quick update on my valve clatter issue. I got my G80 Sport back after 4 weeks in the shop. It turned out the CVVTs weren't the problem. The tappets installed on the valve train did not have adequate provision for lubrication, hence the valve clatter on cold start up. BTW you can't hear it from the drivers seat. Start it in the garage & get out & listen. After pulling the heads they found 3 tappets with serious scoring. They replaced all 24 with new tappets that had a new part Number. This sounds like a design defect on early build 3.3Ts

My dealer had two 3.3Ts in the shop with the same problem. While mine was there they had a third one come in with the same problem. I did not get a definitive answer to my question about what would happen if this condition went untreated other than the scoring would probably spread to other tappets.
Hopefully with so many vehicles already experiencing the issue, that Genesis issues a proper recall. Or at least they can ensure that models built from now on have this oversight addressed at factory. Glad to hear that you've got the car back at least.
Just took my 2018 G80 Sport 3.3T back for what I described to the Dealer Service Tech as a weak lifter(used to be a problem with hydraulic lifters back in the day). The first time I took it in they blamed it on the High Pressure Oil Pump. It was obvious they didn't hear it. The noise I heard was on startup, backing out of garage with window down. A definite tap, tap, tap .... that isn't heard until the car is in gear to slow the initial high idle. The noise went away once the engine was warmed up. And then back again the next morning backing out of the garage.
So, as it went back for next oil change, I mentioned the noise again and offered to leave the car sit overnight and meed the mechanic the next morning to let him experience the noise. Well 6 weeks later after CVVT sensors, Fuel pump & fuel pump lifter replaced, Cams out and inspect, lifter lash checked and rechecked, multiple checks with the Genesis Tech line and expert, the car still makes the noise. A different tone now that doesn't go away after warm. The tech expert will be on site next week with a similar G80. Plans on letting both sit over night and compare noise(s) the next morning between to two engines.
I'm hoping I can listen to the difference once the Tech Expert is finished. I've been told I can not be present when he is diagnosing. He is not permitted to talk to customers?
At the same time, both times I complained about the steering having spots where the wheel sticks and doesn't return from minor turns. The first check didn't find any diagnostic codes and supposedly all the adjustments and settings were correct. The second time in, I was told there was a computer setting incorrectly set to RWD where that auto is really AWD. It's is an HTrac Drive System. The Tech Expert said the setting could be the difference. Oops, steering still the same & with colder weather it seems to be worse.
I requested that while the Tech Expert was looking at the engine noise he could drive both cars to see if he feels any difference in the steering. I drove a G80 5.0 with HTrac and it handled like a dream. I couldn't get the mechanic to test drive the G80 5.0 that I drove.
I insisted with the Service Rep that he lets me drive the G80 Sport that the Tech Expert is bringing in.
I'll update later next week.
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We have owned a used 2019 Genesis for about three months. Like others in this forum the car engine makes a loud noise at startup for about 30 to 60 seconds. We have had the high pressure fuel pump replaced but the noise continues. We are heading back to the Genesis Dealer in New London, Connecticut for our second attempt to quiet this noise. Are there any suggestions? Thanks, Bryan
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