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Tire pressure

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G80 5.0 was delivered with placard recommended tire pressures [F=33, R=35]. Also, believe inflation was with "N" (nitrogen), but that's a separate thought.

Over years, I've been best served having cool pressures set 2 to 3# higher than placard. I prefer easy rolling and response versus "the ride".

Would appreciate observations/comments relating to G80 "numbers".
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The way I always seen these numbers on any car is as just some default approach, a one size fits all approach if you know what I mean.
Personally I never cared to change them with the OEM wheel/tire set, but going aftermarket that's a different story.

Have you been experimenting with different pressure ratings?
interestingly enough when I got my g80 from the dealer as i'm riding home I noticed the tire pressures were about 45-48 and I actually pulled over and let air out..assume they filled them up to max since it was likely sitting on lot for a couple of months and they didn't want it to drop below minimums..i have my on 35-36 cold pressure so I don't have to continually add air if the cold weather sets off the alert..
Haven't altered (yet) from 35# at delivery. In a week, or so, I'll set 35 front and 38 rear for trial.
Sounds good, let us know how it feels compared to the playing around with pressures.
I think that higher pressure from the dealer might be a result of them not adjusting it from what might be a shipping setting. Wont be entirely surprised if that was the case. If it is i wonder what else the dealer didn't check before sending it off to you
That's a good point, didn't think about it. They could have missed that on the PDI and just left it there because I have heard that they're typically sent with higher than recommended tire pressures. Apparently it has something to do with them strapping the car down and something with the pressure down on the tires on the truck.
Today (4/14) inflated front to 35# and rear to 37# at 80ºF. Will observe for a week and then post.

Follow-up: (4/22): A week of mostly short runs and a 60 mi circuit am happy with the increased settings. Feels "tighter" on ramp curves and lane changes. A bit more "bump" of road surface, but that's trade-off I expected. Think I'll hold the pressures for Summer and continue observing. Cheers!
MPG change is difficult to discern due to urban driving. Am confident it will remain in 21 to 28 range - that's what I've experienced in first 1000 miles. Didn't buy the 5.0 for "gas mileage", but am VERY pleased with current results. Will leave the pressures at 35F/37R for next few months. Seems to be good balance between ride (which Gensis wants you to have), tracking/tire wear/MPG (which is MY interest). Cheers!
Ah I agree I agree.

Plan on driving this through the winter? At that point dropping down the pressures would work out a lot better for traction and what not
From Summer to Winter in MO there's little need to alter pressures. Physics takes care of reducing. Also, not much need to drive this car during inclement weather. Still, will watch TPs - always to the UP side.
I have always run my vehicles two Lbs. over the recommended with success.
One caution is to check tread depth periodically and make sure you are getting even wear. Then adjust TP accordingly.
Am with you on the 2# higher. Prefer handling/stability to the "ride" numbers - which I believe MFGs guide toward. Last car; 2006 Acura RL ran 45K miles over 11 years on delivered tires set at 2#+ standard. Sold it with 'em! Drive straight and tires will last.
You really just gotta feel it out and check how the tire is wearing as they all wear differently and vehicles have different oem camber ratings and blah blah lol
Mid June: Still running +2# front/rear. Notice tire "thump" after sitting a week. Not untoward, just mentioning. Anticipate mileage review in late July following travel to-from Colorado.
What do you mean by tire thump exactly? Like a flat spot or something?
Think it's just the flat spotting after sitting for a week. 10 to 15 minutes later "all is well".
That's weird that it'll flat spot so easily. Just after a week? I can imagine after maybe a month or two, but that being said, I can't remember the last time I left my car sitting down for longer than 2 weeks, but it's never happened to me.
Tire should go in for warranty, that would be a manufacturing defect. But the first thing you should do is check the manufacture date, that might be valuable information if you decide to search for known issues.
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