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The G80's design in detail

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Genesis put a lot of thought into their first sport sedan and ROT spoke with Yuval Steiman, senior group manager for Genesis product strategy, about the G80's interior and exterior design. Everything from the copper nuances to the engine.

"The mandate to those developing the G80 Sport was to maintain the core character of the G80 while adding aggressive, performance-oriented elements from both a design and engineering standpoint,"
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They could have done more to make it stand out but as long as sales are good there won't be much to worry about for this generation. Always liked what they did with the G70 concept and I think more of its DNA should find its way throughout the Genesis lineup.

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The G80 does stand out. Take it from Dave Burnett who's an automotive photographer. They usually have a good eye when it comes to cars and the Genesis G80 Sport has a lot of nice touches on the outside and inside.

As for me, the only thing about G80's design is a mismatch of the front and rear style. I find it a bit different like someone takes a front part from one car and attach it to another's rear.
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