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Square Wheel Setup

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Looking to swap the stock 18s to 19s. The wheels that I'm looking at are 19X8.5. The question that I have is about OFFSET. The wheels are offered in +20 or +40. With the +40, I'd be losing 6mm in strut spacing and gaining 6mm closer to the fender. With the +20, I'd be gaining 14mm away from the strut and would be 26mm (about 1 in.) closer to the fender.

I know for sure in the rear there would not be an issue with the wheels extending past the fender, however, the front is my concern. Anyone know if the front wheels would extend past the fenders with the +20 offset? It's only 1" that wheels are moving towards the outside, so I can't imagine that being an issue, but any help would be greatly appreciated.

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I highly doubt it would be an issue as this is a much larger sedan opposed to a small coupe where the minor differences are more of an issue. You should be able to go 1 inch out on the fronts no problem. What tire size will you be going with though?
I'm thinking a 245/40 series
Oddly enough, Genesis doesn't list G80's tire spec in their shop manual. A CARiD rep said the offset of the 2018 Genesis G80 Sport is 38 in the front and 45 on the rear but I don't really know it that's true.
2018 G80 Sport

If you remove your wheels and look on the inside of the rims you will find the offset stamped in the rim.

2018 G80 Sport
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Easiest way will be to just call the dealer and speak with someone at that parts desk, they have all the information in front of them and are the front line for that sort of information for the entire dealership. Then there's the service advisors but not all of them are knowledgeable about parts nor have the same resources.
I always like to check for fitment! They have a pretty good fitment guide!
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