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Seat belt pre-tensioner engages without cause

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I purchased my G80 5.0 in May.

Every day on my daily commute the seat belt pretension engages and tightens the belt seemingly for no reason. I have noticed that it often (but not always) occurs in the same to locations along my route. It is disconcerting and undesirable that the seat belts tighten with no warning and for seemingly no good reason. The dealer stated that Genesis had re-worked the seat belt algorithms with the 2017 model and that they were operating as designed.

Anyone else having this issue? If so were you able to get any satisfaction from the dealer?

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Congrats on the G80 Garret, sorry to hear about this little niggle. A typical dealer response to something like this is that its 'working as intended'. If its something that you constantly encounter and can be easily replicated I'd get a second opinion.
I suggest you try another dealer just to get a second opinion because sometimes that gets you an answer or at least some insight on what it might be.

If you find out any more details definitely let us know.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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