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Poor performance

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First off. I’m new here. Figured I would join since I’ll have my car for a while. So thanks for having me.
I have a 2018 G80 sport with the 3.3T motor. Last couple of days I have noticed a very sluggish response from the pedal and also poor WOT performance. Car doesn’t feel like the animal it use to be. I have put 87 octane I. It recently as the gas prices have increased. I have been doing this for over a month so not sure why the last couple of days I just notice how poor it runs. The air filters are fairly new checked them out and blew out any debris which wasn’t much. Filters are still white. I tried to buy MAF cleaner. Seems like it’s on back order due to a shortage. I think I found the maf and air temp sensor. Was going to clean them off. I just put fuel injector cleaner in and was going to put premium fuel in to see if it changes but haven’t had the chance yet. To be realistic this car feels like a NA 3.8 (no offense) and the turbos are not doing anything. I have read about unplugging the battery. Will this help the ecu learn using the lower octane fuel? Besides what I have done or will do, what else can I check?
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Welcome to the forum @G80Fanatic sorry to hear that you're having issues with your G80. Using the wrong gasoline can lead to problems with the motor because it can lead to pre-ignition in the engine. Have you heard any knocking at all?

I haven't heard of a tune or any tricks that that helps/teaches an engine to use lower grade gasoline. Personally I would go back to using premium fuel and get the engine looked at.
I always get a kick out of it when folks buy expensive cars, then cheap out by putting 87 octane in them and then have the temerity to complain about the performance.
If you want high performance out of your high performance car start by putting high performance fuel in it.
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