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Just picked up my 2018 G80 Ultimate AWD. Got a sign and drive lease for 580/month. My heads up display for speed is white. I thought the car I test drove at another dealer showed the speed in green. I'm curious what other owners have. The cruise control indicator is green, so I know there is color there. This car was delivered from another state and was a mess when it showed up, covered with road salt from the highway. It was trucked in, but definitely not covered. Also, have any other new owners thought their cars didn't have the same new car smell as some other cars? This is my first Korean built car, so I'm not sure what to expect. Thanks
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Ok, Now I know how to change the color of the heads up display.
Welcome to the forum Wilson, congrats on the G80. I would say this is the first I'm hearing that Korean cars don't have that new car smell aha. Doesn't sound like yours was properly cared for prior to transportation. What prompted the switch to Hyundai?
Just decided to give Hyundai a chance and see how they perform. Cost was also a big factor for me. The G80 gives you a lot for your money. In response to my concerns about the cleanliness of the car on delivery, Corporate Genesis agreed to pay for me to have the car detailed by someone closer to me. The dealer is about 75 miles away and said they would not pay for any one else to do it.
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