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New from Northern Kentucky

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Just found this site. Have been a multiple German owner. In 2016, bought Hyundai Tucson for the better half and noticed a Genesis sitting in the showroom. Impressed by the amenities and price, I was taken by the G80 Sport. In March this year I sold the Benz S550 and bought the G80 Sport with 3.3T & AWD. Love the car, the ride, the torque and am generally happy.
Since I am now experiencing issues with what I hear as a lazy lifter and sticky steering, I am quickly getting disappointed. (I posted my experience with those two ongoing issues in another thread). The Tech Expert is scheduled to be in town next Tuesday to diagnose and recommend actions for my issues.
Wish me luck,
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Congrats on getting the Genesis. S550's are nice but too rich for my blood. I was also considering Lexus at one point but realized most of my needs can be met with a G80.

Hopefully the issue just requires some grease or something to that extent and nothing major. Keep us posted on how the issue progresses and how your dealer handles it.
Sadly with a next generation model upon us that will be getting drastic changes, it makes me wonder if they'll abandon this generation's issues. 2020 is a big year.
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