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US-67 in Arkansas has been rebuilt (and re-routed) in recent years. While driving from Saint Louis to Little Rock I noted the existing nav mapping (auto is one year old) "lost the road" in Arkansas. Is there a contact URL or Genesis person that knows about the update process? I'd like to submit my observation for the update program. And, I wonder how a highway that has existed in its new form for several years was missed. Checked maps on iPhone and the road was properly depicted.
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I believe that the navigation software can be updated via this website. You should be able to determine whether or not your software is up to date based upon your model year. I believe the update can be installed on a compatible SD card, and loaded into the headunit.
You have to pay for the update every time? I picked a random Genesis model and it charges me over $100 for a map update.
Appreciate responses. Looked at website. No options for 2017 models. Will check again in a few months. Cheers!
Maybe ask if the dealership can update it the next time you bring it in for maintenance because there's supposed to be a version 12 out already.
Have re-submitted inquiry for 2017 G80 nav system. Will advise when I receive response.
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