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I have the Premium package and am trying to understand how the Lexicon system actually works - not just basic setup. So far Genesis customer service has been friendly, but technically clueless.

1. When using USB MP3 files, some tracks play out of order - i.e. the system doesn't seem to always follow the ID3 tags in the file for track number. Is anyone else experiencing this? And, no, I do not have shuffle enabled!

2. The system is not recognizing standard M3U playlist files. I've tried storing them in the root USB directory and also in the individual folders containing the MP3 files. Does the system not understand M3U files or do I have them in the wrong place?

3. Whatever the menu in the system means when it asks how to display files (i.e. artist, album, genre, etc.) the use of the term "playlist" doesn't seem to mean an M3U file. If I create a customer "playlist" in the system: a) what format is it in and b) where is it stored (i.e. on the SD navigation card or ????)

The Genesis CS says "ask your dealer" but I can't believe that anyone in the service department is nerdy enough to answer these questions and Lexicon doesn't seem to offer tech support.

I don't know where to find out the firmware/software version of my system to determine if there is an update or, if so, how to get it.

Thanks for any help you can offer.
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