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How do I reset the dafault start up for my 2018 G80 to be Sirius XM instead of Messages

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I'm looking for assistance with resetting the default console. Since updating the software when I start my car it goes to "messages" instead of "Sirius XM" radio like i prefer. Any ideas?
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I'm curious if you ever got a response to this. I have a similar issue but it is with normal radio on a 2023 G80. My favorite station is 96.5 HD2. Every time I start the car the radio resets to 96.5 HD1 and I have to re-tune to the HD2 station. 96.5 HD2 shows in my presets and 96.5 HD1 does not. So I don't understand why the car won't remember the station I'm tuned to when I restart.
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