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Hi from Cape Coral, Fl.

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Hi, I'm from Cape Coral, FL. & I just got on to see if I could get some D.I.Y. help I have a 2018 G80 Genesis & the windshield washer is acting up, When I pull the lever towards me, the wipers start and I get a little "spritz" of washer fluid partly on my wind shield. I can here the pump running but nothing is coming out. It has washer fluid in it. I would like to check it out & see if the pump strainer could be dirty or if I need a new pump.
The problem is I can't find the detailed instructions on how & what I have to remove to get to the pump for removal & possible replacement. I am mechanically inclined & have been retired over 30 years.
Anybody know where I can get instructions on how to get to the washer pump?

Thank you for any suggestions,
Bob Bartkowicz
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