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Hello From the North Coast.

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Hello from the north coast of Ohio.

Waiting on our dealer to get in a 2020 Sport AWD they are trading for. I believe it is due in tomorrow evening. Momma wanted a more luxurious car that was no smaller than her old ride. (2016 Chevrolet SS). Strangely enough the G80 is almost exactly the same size (if much heavier) than the SS. Pretty sure she will like the G80 after she learns how to work some stuff, the only question is will I be happy with the much lower ultimate performance level...

sigh... The things we do for our wives...
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What other models were you and your wife considering before deciding on the G80? Also do you mind sharing details of the purchase like out-the-door price, options you selected, etc.? Just curious to know what everyone's getting compared to what the listings show.
Welcome to the forum PFWiz! I'm sure you're going to enjoy the G80's performance. It won't be as raw as the SS but it won't be a slouch either.
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