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Genesis review

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Matt and I went to college together :D
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Maybe he can hook you up with test rides. :D

From his review, Hyundai got the luxury part down for the Genesis branch. The interior is drool worthy and the driver seat, it has a sort of leg/thigh support similar to those lazy recliners at home.
One thing Hyundai got right, more right than other car makers is having a spot where we can put our phones aside from the cup holder. As long as no external charging is needed aside from out phone we'll be in the clear.
Not everyday you get reclining rear seats. Great if someone is a bit too tall and their blocking your rear view, just tell them to recline a bit. THe German brands may have some competition with Genesis.
Indeed, great for rear seat passengers, those with kids will have some happy kids riding in the back. Even better for limo services since it almost creates the most comfortable environment for the client. Something bound to have them be a return customer.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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