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Genesis intelligent assistant

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is anyone having trouble getting the system to work?
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Definitely need to hear the symptoms to know if anyone else is having the issue lol
I just purchased my G80 yesterday and have used the Genesis app a few times. It works but the contrast is bad. It is very hard to read since the text is very small and the lettering almost appears faded. In time I will know what each icon means but it would be nice if the icons and text were larger and brighter. The dealer also had a difficult time reading it. The app itself works for me though.
I presume there's no way to make it any brighter I guess... that's pretty upsetting and annoying
My experience with most screens is the only adjustment for brightness is what's already easily accessible by the user and that's quite limiting. Maybe over time Hyundai will release software updates if they want to be proactive about improving this experience. Could always try emailing them, the more voices are heard the more likely something will be done.
Emailing them is always a good gesture to do just to make sure they're aware of the problem. If they keep getting that complaint then it'll get dealt with eventually...hopefully.
Only thing is you have to make sure to get a case number or just some way to track it and have a paper trail. Often with big companies there can be miscommunication although there shouldn't be. Just have to do all you can on your end.

Keep us posted on how things go.
The owner's manual should tell you how to adjust the screen brightness if possible. Maybe your dealer will have a way of adjusting it if the owner's manual doesn't have the option.
I know typically screens have 2 or 3 dimming settings before the screen goes blank or has a full adjustable slider thing. That's odd
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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