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Genesis G80 Wins Residual Value Award

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Good news for anyone who decides to sell their G80 some time in the future because it won ALG's 2018 Residual Value Award for the Premium Fullsize segment. But Genesis didn't give specific numbers in their press release:
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Glad to see Genesis in the ALG’s 2018 Residual Value Award list. In my opinion, all the cars from Residual Value Award winner list deserve to be there.


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Doesn't seem like ALG lists the residual value either, but this is good news for those who plan to sell and for people who lease because how it's generally calculated is based on the loss in value after the lease period.
As the Genesis brand grows I think we will see resale value improve. Already it seems like Genesis is becoming what Lexus was years ago and still is today which is great for Korean's. In turn this looks great on Kia and any other Korean car maker that plans to come out with a car.
ALG is part of the TrueCar company. They also predict that car values will be going down due to a surplus of both new and used cars.
Good news for Genesis, but M-B won the Luxury car award. Premium is not the class Genesis is supposed to be competing in. Of course, the distinction between premium and luxury has blurred over time.
Also retained value is the percentage of purchase price. As we know at this time, Genesis and most Hyundai products have larger discounts for new car sales than some of their competitors.
Below is only site I could find that lists awards winners. Note it is undated. Genesis is not mentioned. The above reference is a PR release from Genesis.
ALG Recognizes Brands, Vehicles Most Likely to Hold Their Values | J.D. Power Cars
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