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Genesis G80 sold by Genesis and Hyundai ?

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So I was reading a piece on the G80 over at MotorTrend. It said that the G80 will be sold by both Hyundai and Genesis dealers until the next-gen comes out as a dedicated Genesis vehicle in 5 years.

My question is, are there actually going to be separate dealers for strictly the Genesis brand along with dedicated dealerships from Hyundai that does not offer any G series vehicles ?
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No no that much I can see. But, are they going to have completely separate dealerships ? Hyundai will cease to sell Genesis vehicles ?
A soft launch is a preview to a limited audience ....
As of now, all Hyundai dealers will be permitted to sell G80, but not G90. Part of rationale is that it would be unfair to take the top line (and most profitable vehicle) from Hyundai dealers without there being some kind of replacement. Another factor is that there are very few people who want to open a totally separate Genesis dealership for two models or even 3-5 in the near term. Just not feasible financially. Would also mean huge mark-ups for the purchasers and for service. It's a business, not a hobby.
My situation is that I have to drive past two Hyundai dealerships for a total of 60 miles one way to get to the Genesis dealership, co-located with his established Hyundai dealership. While they will come and get the car, leave a loaner, etc., it also means some low paid employee will be driving my "baby" at breakneck speeds 120 miles. After three years, this service disappears so I have to drive 120 miles and no loaner.
I contacted Genesis and they are developing a plan for Genesis service being available in more places (whatever that means).
For me, I could care less about the waiting room, WiFi, fancy coffee, big screen TV, etc.
That's a really good breakdown of it. Thanks! Makes sense when you look at it from the business aspect opposed to the fantasy look towards it. Not too sure why I lapsed on that one and didn't think of it.

They really don't have enough models to showcase in a dealership at all, the costs to outweigh the pros of it and there really aren't that many pros. Maybe taking a Hyundai dealership and sectioning off a side for Genesis branded vehicles ?
They don't offer loaners ?! That's pretty darn weak and disappointing. But holy crap it was like you were talking to a wall. But **** that's a real disappointment, 2-3 years to get them up to speed is a bit ridiculous. This may actually skew my opinion if I really want to go through with this or wait it out.
Or at least a shuttle ride or Uber to your residence and pick you up to bring you back.
That's understandable for a loaner, but at least a shuttle bus? Heck, Chrysler does shuttle buses and will drop you home and pick you back up for no charge.
For the full service and all of that good stuff, I wouldn't mind paying the extra little bit. Don't have an issue with that at all and I'm surprised they would be willing to especially if they aren't a branded dealership like that.
About three months ago I visited local Hyundai dealership. They had 3 or 4 G80's on the lot. Since then I have received emails and mailers inviting me to come in and discuss purchasing a G80. They are not and will not be a Genesis branded dealership.
However, they said they would meet all Genesis G80 service criteria. I assume that means pick up and drop off and loaner. However, they would have to show me that and guarantee it in writing from the dealership.
As for loaners in general, very few dealerships do this. The ones that do are Lexus, MB, BMW, and that range. In addition, they generally charge a lot more for service than Hyundai, Nissan, Chevy, etc. They also frequently only do it for loyal customers. Also only done if you have reserved a loaner in advance.
My MB dealership provides me a loaner whenever I take my car in, but I use them for all services. Supposedly dealership and MBUSA divide the cost up. Of course, I and other customers actually pay the cost in the long run. Nothing is free.
I'd have to disagree with that. Subaru for example does loaner services and they are by no means Lexus, MB, BMW range. They'll also do it on the spot and will even give you one if you're vehicle is in for service for a short period of time such as 2 hours. A friend of mine owns a Chevy Cruze and it was in for servicing, the service ended up taking approximately 3 hours and they realized they would have to keep it overnight, they gave her a loaner vehicle until it was ready.
That's what I feel as well. That kind of service really bothers the heck out of me as it takes away a good chunk of convenience and customer care.

Best thing to do is talk to your dealer before purchase I guess and see how they run things?
I only know of the first one that opened in Toronto which is Genesis Downtown. Where are the other three located?
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