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Genesis Brand Could Get N High-Performance Models

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Genesis Brand Could Get N High-Performance Models To Go After BMW's M & Merc's AMG Cars

Hyundai's newly-born standalone brand, Genesis, could have its very own line-up of high performance "N" models.

In an attempt of making a name for itself in a - relatively - short period of time, it appears that the Korean car manufacturer wants to get the most out of its products following the German recipe.

So, as the premium, luxurious market is currently being covered by some existing products, Genesis - under the patronage of Hyundai - looks forward to expand the line-up with various high-end models and performance-oriented variants of them.

In fact, in an interview with Car Advice at the 2016 Detroit show, Albert Biermann - Hyundai's recently-appointed head of vehicle test and high performance development, and ex BMW M division vice president of engineering - mentioned that the Genesis brand could include N models, stating:

"N is a sub-brand and with N high performance cars we work for both brands - so you have to be ready for N versions for Hyundai and for Genesis."

As if taunting BMW's iconic M-division, Genesis' N-branded high-performance models won't be just high-powered variants of their regular cars, but fully-fledged, racetrack-going, high-performance cars, with more than one model planned:

"More than one. We have a nice roadmap for the next five years working [for N] so there will be Genesis cars included."

To top it off, the future models will apparently offer a sporty character to begin with, bringing a capable platform in the business (which could be the basis of the first N-branded Genesis vehicle), as Biermann continued:

"The G70, that's a whole new animal. You can expect some really nice handling cars. It's a G70 but you can expect also some powerful G70 [models]. That platform is good for a lot of power."

Hyundai Vision G Concept pictured
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Hyundai To Take On BMW M4 with N-tuned Genesis Coupe ? News ? Car and Driver | Car and Driver Blog

The company's recent hiring strategy makes clear where its ambitions lie. It poached Albert Biermann, formerly chief engineer for BMW M, to head up the N division. The first product to emerge from that division will be an N version of the front-drive i30 hatchback, primarily aimed at Europe; but after conversations with Biermann and other senior Hyundai executives, we expect that the second will be an N-tuned version of the upcoming Genesis G70 coupe.

The G70, of course, is the smaller (and as yet unseen) sedan that will slot below the existing G80 and the recently launched G90 in the Genesis lineup, and which will spawn a sportier two-door sibling. Biermann describes the G70 as being a "whole new animal" compared to the other cars, sharing their rear-drive layout but with a new platform and "different axle concepts." He adds, "This will be more on the sporty side already in the normal version, so you [can] expect [a] really nice-handling car. . . . That platform is good for a lot of power."

Where might that power come from? Genesis has the Tau 5.0-liter V-8 to call upon, but Biermann indicates it's unlikely to be used in the G70. Instead, the newly launched 3.3-liter twin-turbocharged V-6 is more likely, although tuned to deliver considerably more than the 365 horsepower claimed for it in the G80; we'd be surprised if it couldn't either match or beat the M4's 425 horsepower.
The N performance brand is a good idea but it will all come to execution. It will be compared to the performance brands from other automakers and it is stiff competition. Hyundai will have to bring its A-game.
The N performance brand is a good idea but it will all come to execution. It will be compared to the performance brands from other automakers and it is stiff competition. Hyundai will have to bring its A-game.
I wouldn't be worried about that, it's more of a case of waiting to see what this will be like more than if they'll make it what it should be.

They already proved how good they can meet expectations, Genesis coupe was one of them.
These cars are going to be compared to the other brands so they have to be able to hold their own. I'm sure it will be a good car but its more about how the car is relative to others.
Found out Infinti will have a high performance version of its Q60 coupe, that compared to this will be the ultimate show down and one that could see less interested in the Q60.
I'll be most interested in something that will rival the next Supra/Z5 BMW since Hyundai seems to be at a point where they can offer a lot of performance value for much less and with might come better aftermarket support and maybe sooner?

According to this leaked chart, we could be seeing a high performance model from Genesis in 2020. Or is that just a more luxurious model and not necessarily better in power?
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It is intriguing, I think that would have to be something to compete with the likes of the LC 500 coming from Lexus. Although the LC 500 comes with 425 horsepower which is in the same region at the current 5.0 from the G80.
That's if they can get luxury and all the features up to par with what Lexus offers along with the competition since right now those guys are all quite up there. Hyundai has shown some innovative tech in concepts, if that makes its way here, then they could be well in the spot light.
That'll really be the key thing. The luxurious finesse, and the features. I mean of course the price will fully deem what it'll go against at that point but... I think it's a possibility. I'm not too sure if I can say that they'll produce something that will put them right in the spot light, but.. maybe a "podium finish"
Pricing is one thing they seem to prioritize so even when it comes to higher luxury trims and options, those should be priced well within reach of a good portion of buyers, but still with the sort of difference going on to make it special.
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