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Genesis a good name for the brand?

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I realize that Hyundai put a lot of research into developing the name for their luxury division, but I wonder if Genesis really is the right one.
For a good while yet, people will get Hyundai Genesis (the car) and Genesis Motors (the division) confused. This will just add to the difficulty in Genesis really establishing itself as a separate luxury brand.
There are a lot of Hyundai Genesis vehicles that have the Genesis logo on them instead of the H.
When Toyota came out with Lexus, they did not call it Avalon (top Toyota car). Nissan did not call it's luxury brand Maxima.

Not to sure about model designations either. Lexus has ES, GS and LS primarily; MB has C, E, and S primarily, etc. Then they add numbers for whatever reason.
Genesis has three models, all beginning with G and then 70, 80 or 90, as in Genesis 70, Genesis 80 and Genesis 90. Was that their intent?

Just seems to me that Hyundai has made their transition attempt more difficult than it had to be.
Just wondering here.
Happy Motoring!
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I think the opposite. Doesn't seem more difficult than it had to be but rather much easier than it could have been. Instead of developing a new name that was unfamiliar to the brand (Hyundai) and having people adapt to that and make the reference, they went with something everyone knows.

The G70, G80, and G90 are just much easier designations than going through different classes like C, E, and S especially if they don't plan on making many iterations of each.
i think the G designation seems pretty simple with the car size getting larger as you go up the numbers. They can use a letter for their SUVs, coupes, etc and it won't be any more complicated than every other brand out there.
I would think BMW would be more confusing with all of the numbers.. kinda hard to keep track if you don't really follow them that heavily.

You have the 440i with like 10 different trims and body styles and what not to pick from... then the 430i with the same thing haha.
I like the whole naming system because it ties right into the brands history of luxury and on the other side it sounds right.

Even when it comes to naming vehicles, they have an easy time. VERY easy to name your cars G_ _
Yup, the BMW naming scheme baffles me and I question who decides on them in the first place. Perhaps it's because I'm not a big BMW buff, but it could be daunting for a first time buyer, whereas Genesis just has numbers, the higher it is the more power you get. Simple.
Now that's how you keep life easy. It's like a hierarchy and it ensures buyers aren't confused as to what they're looking at and how they're positioned in the model lineup.

Naming you're car isn't much of an issue... I name my cars various things.. "Becky" "Debbie" etc. It typically isn't a play on the actual model haha
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