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I had a 2016 G80. One day sitting at a red light, light turns green, press on gas pedal and their was no response. I quickly turned car off and restarted and the car worked fine. Took to a dealer, no codes stored.
I now have a 2018 G80 Sport. Leaving a stop sign to cross into center of highway drifted while a car went by pressed on gas pedal, nothing!
Same feeling as before except this time I was pulling into a highway. No lights have come on to say their was an issue, just like before.
I guess I'll take it in when and if I get this new recall that's out.
The only thing that is impressive with this car is the pick up. It's like very thing, "Exaggeration". on this new car is of less quality.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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