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fog light switch on/off

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So has anyone else noticed that to turn on the "fog" lights you slide the lever UP, but it doesn't stick but just rather to turn them OFF, you push it UP again. The only way to be sure they're actually on is the visible icon display on your dash. Everyone else's like this or is mine just not clicking in and staying in the on position?? Fog light do come on and off so no big deal but just seemed weird..Assume it's supposed to be like that but my OCD kicked in.. LOL
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Lol I'm pretty sure it's supposed to be like that. If it was meant to stick in that position, it would have turned the fog lights off when it came back down or released. It would bother the heck out of me too though haha
fog light switch

It's by design that the switch doesn't stay in place. I don't mind so much as long as it shows on the info display.
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