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Dropping out of drive

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Hi, My husband and I both have genesis G 80s. I have a G 80 sport and my husband has the G 80. 5.0. This doesn’t happen all the time but when it does it’s very frustrating. We go from Reverse to drive and all of a sudden will find ourselves kicked into neutral. It is impossible to make it happen on purpose it is strictly random. Has anyone that owns a G 80 experienced this problem.
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As the G80 uses a shift by wire gear selector this could just the result of an electronic malfunction. There is no mechanical linkage between the shifter and transmission. I know you cant reproduce the fault, but have you mentioned it to your dealer?
Yes we did and we mentioned it to Corpotate and no one can gind the problem. That is why I posted it on the forum, to see if anyone else has experienced the same issue.
First I've heard of this problem and it sounds like it could be a difficult one to diagnose. I'm assuming that the car isn't throwing any error codes of any kind? Computer controlled transmissions should still relay any slippage issues.
the next step to get answers/insight might be from tech's if you're able to talk to them
you'd be amazed at what they know but are ultimately restricted to
Is this happening in both your G80's or just the one? If its occurring in both the Sport and 5.0 that suggests its not just a one off issue either.
Might be time to look at independent shops that can give insight on what can be done.

Dealerships run off the book and when that's done, their say on fixes comes right from the top. That alone takes time to get to a dealer level. Tech's are powerless but often have ideas of what they would do in another environment.

It might be why so many venture out to independents.
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