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Came across this solid video review of the G80, showcasing just how far the brand has come. Obviously there are some comparisons to the Stinger, but imo that car is more focused around performance than luxury. Looks like Genesis is changing their decisions around exclusive dealerships and Genesis models will be more readily available at regular Hyundai locations. Looks like they are really pushing as a premium brand as all scheduled service for the first 3 years is gratis, and a Genesis agent will pickup your car, leave a loaner and return your vehicle to you.
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Awesome review, thanks for sharing. It doesn't look like many auto publications have had their chance to test out this the G80 just yet. It looks like Genesis has decided to focus on luxury over performance on this model, as it looks like a very soft and quiet ride.
10 Month Review

I took delivery of my 2018 G80 Sport 10 months ago in January and I love it. But in all fairness, I have to share the full story. After months of research, 3 spread sheets and 6 hours of test drives, the G80 Sport was a clear winner over some serious competition from Europe and Japan. In my humble opinion, it's appearance and stance were head and shoulders above the BWM 5, Audi A6. Mercedes E300, Lexus E350 and the standard Genesis G80

First the highlights;
1 - The technology was first class. Most importantly, it was incredibly user friendly and intuitive. You could actually use the touch screen infotainment system and safety systems while diving and not take your attention away from the road.
2 - Speaking of safety systems, they all come standard, including, heads-up display start-stop cruise, blind spot, lane assist, emergency braking and surround camera. It came fully equipped with the only option being AWD.
3 - The fit & finish, comfort features and luxury feel of the G80 was on a par with the best of the European & Japanese competition.
4 - I am not an ultra-performance freak as most of my driving is urban. But occasionally I enjoy a little spirited driving when safety and traffic permit. The G80 Sport 3.3 Twin Turbo is just super especially in sport mode which recalibrates the transmission and suspension settings. Most drivers would be delighted with it's performance.
5 - The ride, especially around town, is just right. It's not too cushioned or too firm. It feels solid befitting it's 4400 lb weight but it handles very well and doesn't feel porky. It is super quiet and has plenty of room in the back seat.
6 - It comes with the best warranty on the market, 10 yr power train & 5 yr bumper to bumper. And best of all it comes with free valet & maintenance service. You make an appointment, they pick up yours, and leave you with a G80 loaner.
7 - The G80 Sport was 15k to 25k less expensive than the European competition.
8 - My dealer experience has been outstanding. At my Hyundai dealership, my salesman, the sales manager, my service advisor, the service manager and the general manager have all gone out of their way to make G80 experience delightful. I am extremely pleased with the way I have been treated.

Now the not so highlights;
1 - While I love my G80 Sport there have been a number of warranty issues over the last 10 months, all of which have been addressed to my satisfaction. My car has spent 2 months of the last 10 months at the dealership having them addressed. It's only fair to note that it cost me nothing and I had a G80 loaner the entire time while mine was in the shop.
2 - The warranty issues included;
a) - Rattle & creaking sunroof
b) - Side view mirror issues
c) - Engine valve clatter
d) - Highway performance of OEM Continental tires
e) - defective window trim
f) - defective window tinting

3 - On the good side, all items were fixed without any cost, drama or hesitation. And I had a G80 loaner for the entire time I was without my G80 Sport. The only downside was my loaner was a regular G80 and not a G80 Sport

Bottom Line - I would buy a G80 Sport all over again. Cars aren't perfect but the way Genesis Team has treated me comes pretty close.
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Its sad that Genesis still has these sort of issues and it might be why i have seen long time luxury car buyers start going for used Lexus and Acura products.
What is the difference between a G80 Sport and the new G70? Or in other words, why is Genesis doing both?
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