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Detroit Auto Show - 2018 Genesis G80 Sport

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Here are some photos from the Detroit Auto Show of the 2018 Genesis G80 Sport in Red. The lady is red is definitely dazzling >:) Just take a peek at those quad oval tips and 19" wheels. Also that huge piece of carbon dash trim !

Photos via CarScoops

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Don't like the wheels at all but fortunately out of all that's going on here, my only dislike is with the easiest thing to change. Odds are if you have a good dealer, requesting to swap the wheels before taking delivery is very possible. Some friends of mine had that done. However living somewhere that gets winter weather these might just be great for winter... give myself an excuse to get something cool for summer.
AutoEvolution said that they found the carbon fiber dash looked out of place. They say the retro clock clashes with the carbon fiber.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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