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I have not yet bought a Genesis, but am looking seriously for a slightly used Electrified G80. While many people negotiate really hard on price, I recently agreed to the price on a used (4,000 miles) Electric G80. The dealer (Everett, WA) first claimed the car was CPO certified, then said it wasn't (they went back and forth 3 times). Finally, the sales manager told the salesman that Genesis would not allow dealers to certify electric cars because they were too new. But, for a "good price" they would sell me an aftermarket warranty.
I called Genesis customer service and was told CPO works as follows: Dealer does a 170 point inspection and then buys a warranty from someone like SafeGuard which is equivalent to the original mfr. warranty. So, evidently the dealer was lying.
Has anyone dealt with this issue? I love the car but I'm not buying a brand new technology car with a 90 day warranty.
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