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compass on mirror

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Has anyone run into this issue? I set up my correct region on the rearview mirror compass settings where I live according to the instructions and I'm stuck in Calibrate (C) mode even after driving in circles as suggested in the owners manual? How do I get the correct direction (N, S, E, W, etc) to show again?
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That's kinda odd.. what does the owners manual say ??
That's odd. Holding the power button for 9 seconds and slowly driving the G80 in circles should have recalibrate the compass. You may need to bring it to the dealership.
any update on the situation? if not,

it's quite possible the system is in need of an update or even a refresh, always helps to check in with the dealer. Some might even come to you so if your tight on time that's one route to go.
Could definitely just end up being software related directly opposed to something you can fix "physically"
fixed itself after driving around for a few minutes..that seems to fix the calibrate issue instead of driving in small circles as the manual states which didn't do the trick for me.
Hm.. probably saves you from looking quite odd by driving in small circles as well lol. Glad it all worked out though, hopefully it holds up
You might still want to try driving in circles or cross reference its N, S, SW, SE, NE, NW with what the compass on your phone is displaying just to make sure.
That would really suck.. but to ask a completely honest question... who uses the compass ? Like actually utilizes it ??'s really useless..navi shows the direction you're heading
update..compass never worked properly after recalibrating over 5 times..would stick on a specific direction like NW even after turning S for several minutes..dealership duplicated problem after I forced them to drive around for a while even after they recalibrated it and they ordered me a new mirror.
Glad that you made them drive it around so they knew the re-calibration didn't work. How long did it take for the new mirror to come in.?

funny you asked..waited a week and went to have it replaced - after 1/2 hour in waiting area, service rep came in and said we have a small problem, Hyundai sent us the wrong mirror! They don't know what happened and neglected to open the box to check before scheduling my appointment. I'm finding this so called "Genesis experience" is not happening. They are still a crappy Hyundai dealership and aren't prepared for the G80 or G90. Waiting another week for the right one..told the guy make sure you open the box this time! I'm hoping now they actually know how to install it.
Update. Mirror replaced and compass now working normally. Obviously had faulty mirror.
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