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Clear coat coming off trim

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I just noticed My '18 G80 Sport Clear coat is coming off the trim goes all the way around all the side windows on both sides. Got 7000 miles on it, This kind of quality is what you worry about buying a lesser costing car!
Here some pics.
The car has only been washed in an automated car wash maybe 10 times.
Same chemicals everybody else gets on their car's.
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Sorry to hear @genesis18, have you spoken to your dealer about the paint defect? Paint quality issues are somewhat common.
I go to the same car washes i did with my 2016 and never had a problem. This batch of trim had to be defective. Does warranty cover it?
I go to the same car washes i did with my 2016 and never had a problem. This batch of trim had to be defective. Does warranty cover it?
I believe paint along with many other things are covered for a standard 3 years (or whatever the mileage is suppose to be)
Check your warranty status and let your dealer know about the defective coat.
I can confirm that its covered under that standard 3-year warranty which has become standard across the industry. Hyundai leads in some cases.
If anyone spoke to a professional detailer about the G80's paint I would appreciate knowing what they said.
I would like to know as well since my clear coat is also coming off (I too am driving the 2018 G80 Sport). Makes the trim look so dull! -- Quick note... it's NOT the actual "paint", but the sealer that keeps the trim looking shiny. -- Other than that, I LOVE my Genesis!
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Their is a recall on my G80 Sport and when you call in they tell you there is a recall but wont tell you what it is!!
i was going to take mine in and have the clear coat on the trim looked at and get the recall repaired but they have no info for me on the recall. Spooky!!!
Clear Coat on Trim

Just had my recall done and at the same time I had them look at the trim. They will not order parts ahead of time. Dropped car off, they sent pictures to Hyundai, they overnighted the trim pieces and replaced both sides completely. Picked car up on 3rd Day. No charge.
Glad to hear. Genesis has a lot to prove and this is a great example of them doing so.
I just bought a used 18 G80 Sport in November and I'm having the same issue. As a secondary owner, it should still be covered by the warranty I would imagine? Otherwise I absolutely love this car. I came from a 14 Cadillac CTS.
I'm having the same problem with my 2018 G80. The grill is also turning gray where it should be black. I showed the dealer and awaiting reply from Genesis. I have 26,000 miles on my car.
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