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CD player and hard drive storage

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I may be old school, but I still listen to physical CDs. I am disappointed that the G80 does not have a hard drive for me to burn my CDs to for storage. Many other cars that I am looking at do have that option. I have a large CD collection.
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Which other cars are the next in line if not the G80 ??
Use the USB instead

You can burn your CD's as MP3's and store them on a USB stick. You can get hundreds on cd's onto a single USB drive - I have a 128 GB SanDisk as my primary storage and keep a 4 GB for special collections.

There are lots of CD rippers out there including iTunes and others are available for free.
I have an MB E350 with a hard drive and 6 CD player. Over 1,000 songs have been loaded into the hard drive.
My wife's Nissan uses the USB stick.
A lot of same songs have been loaded onto both. In my opinion, the MB hard drive gives a better sound reproduction than the USB stick. In addition, it is easier to use as it is built in, whereas the USB stick has to be inserted. You can leave it in all the time, but hen it is like a "sore thumb" sticking out. Also may get broken off. I have had them to just die and lost all the recordings.
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