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Apple Carplay

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I'm a new owner of a 3rd Genesis. While I love the car, I was disappointed to discover that Android and Apple Carplay are not available in the Ultimate version, which is what I have. Oddly, if you have a lower package version, it is available. Anyone understand why?

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Never mind.....just found the answer.....although it seems odd that the applications are incompatible with the DIS.
Wait, what was the answer to your question apple carplay question?
Apparently the Apple Carplay app is not compatible with the HD display in the upper end G80. I'm not sure what the compatibility issue is, but I can vouch for the fact that my G80 doesn't have Carplay, and the next models down do have it.
My understanding is that Android and Apple solutions are not compatible with the DIS (specifically, the dial).
That seems very back tracking though which is upsetting. Why would they have an upgraded trim level and system and not include the same features, which I feel are crucial for creature comforts especially in this day and age.
Given how big of a change Andriod and Apple systems are for the industry and how many changes are happening with Hyundai/Genesis alone, maybe this means soon we'll see a next generation version of their infotainment system?
I see this thread is from 2017. Do you know if anything has happened since then (ie. software update) that solved the Apple/Android incompatibility? I really would like to buy a 2017 with the Ultimate package, but I want Android Auto.
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