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Anti-Freeze Smell

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I have a G80 Sport....I have noticed after I drive a while, half hour or 2 hours, and park with engine running I open the a door and I can smell is what smells like anti-freeze. I had the dealer look into this and cannot find any leaking. The temp. gauge just under half mark. Dealer said it is from the turbos. I cant figure out how they would smell like that when you are just sitting still Idling. I have set for 1 minute and 10 minutes and get the same result. Anybody else smell this?
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No one else has smelled this?
I've got a 2018 G80 Sport...I've never smelled anti-freeze or anything unusual in any situation, including the scenario you mention.
Haven not seen this mentioned before, but if your car has already been checked for leaks, I would start next with the heater core. If there is some kind of crack in it you will be able to smell the antifreeze from inside the car.
You cant smell it inside only when you open the door.
You cant smell it inside only when you open the door.
You might want to have an independent shop that specializes in Hyundai/Genesis products to look it over.
Dealer tech's are trained to just replace parts and go by the book. Independent shops rely a bit more on technical knowledge and thus could look into it further.
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I have not received a recall notice on the turbo pipe seal yet but the anti-freeze smell I had when I bought the car be coming from that seal issue???
I just called the dealer. My '18 G80 Sport has a warranty but they can't tell me what it is!!!!!! I hope it's not the windshield recall LOL..
Recall & antifreeze smell

Just had the recall done and I would say you smell the antifreeze is more predominant now. Still don't know what that smell is and have worked on cars and been around cars forever. Recall was easy just make sure your dealer can do the repair because apparently not all can.
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