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Antenna assembly defects 2018 G80

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Hello Everyone, I am the owner of a 2018 G80 AWD with 38K miles. I need help to see if anyone else has experienced what I have with my G80 and what you did to fix the problem. I was hand washing my car on a hot day and when cleaning the shark fin antenna cover it felt very lose. There was no visible damage to the outside of the vehicle and I am a real stickler with car washes and only do hand wash. So to my surprise I lifted the antenna and the screws inside that were suppose to keep it in place we’re not secured to the plastic base and it was all cracked. I immediately called Genesis Corporate and addressed my concerns and setup a service appointment to look into this. It took about two weeks to actually get an appointment due to the COVID-19 pandemic service locations were not open. I was able to get them to look at my vehicle yesterday and I was extremely disappointed they told me that the damage was caused due to outside influence when there was no damage whatsoever to the outside of the antenna. If anyone has anything information about this type of issue or knows how to help I would greatly appreciate it. The dealer is asking for $1000 to replace the antenna assembly and during theses troubling times I simply can not afford this. There has to be something I could do. Genesis Corporate denied covering it under warranty because of the dealers analysis and only other thing I can do is take it to another dealer for a 2nd review but my chances are very slim. Thank you everyone for your assistance.
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Hi peraltag1. That's ridiculous that they won't cover that under warranty, especially with it being cracked. If you're looking for a replacement this might help you out.

www . /genuine/hyundai-antenna-assy-combination~96210-b1db0-eb.html
Like golf.
I have a 2018 Genesis G80, 30k miles with a missing white shark fin antenna . Getting not results from dealers regarding warranty. Close to $1k to replace. Has anyone received any help from a dealer with this issue.
Please utube how to replace can get the fin fo under $30
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