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AEB warning

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Anyone ever have the warning "check aeb system" come on after driving in very heavy rain for an extended time? Mine came on but disappeared after a minute or so. I assume the sensors are sometimes temporarily obstructed from the non-stop water. I'm ok, right?
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You should be okay. It would be a good idea to call a dealer and have them just make a note of it so if it does happen again, there can be a log.
Good idea about notifying dealer. I had the same thing happen in the rain.

I run a Calgon Custom Bra on the front, thought it might be water build up on the thin mesh across the sensor.
Yea it was the rain that likely caused it. I'm leasing so don't really care about documenting it plus the local Hyundai dealership reps are idiots anyway. ?
Idiot reps are a very common thing I find these days unfortunately. But if it's a lease and it only happens when it rains and doesn't really inconvenience you... forget about it
I had it happen during the last snowstorm when it started to turn to rain. The sensor shoots a false reading in rain/snowy/salty conditions. My Mercedes E-320 4matic had the same issue.
Haven't been in heavy rain (yet), but think water is the reason. Same response came during hi-pressure water wash (brushless). Sort of proves system is checking.
Is anybody else facing long waits for an appointment A Genesis service bay
thanks for this information
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