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2020 Sonata ups its game

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With sedans sales at an all time low, automakers are having to focus on sleek redesigns and powertrain updates to try and regain some interest. Hyundai just pulled the covers of the new Sonata and I have to say its the best looking sedan they've made to date. You can really see from the front fascia how much designed has trailed down from their premium brand.
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I never thought Hyundai would go this direction with design. Its like if Toyota got rid of the Camry and let the Avalon fill its spot, the new Sonata seems that upscale to me. Still going to reserve most of my opinions for when I see it in person. At least Hyundai guys wont feel left out with all that's happening within Genesis.
A great new design direction for this sedan and it should translate to some better sales for 2020. They'll need to be careful not to infuse too much Genesis DNA into their Hyundai models, because that'll impact their perception.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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