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2020 G80 Sport vs 2016 Chevrolet SS

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We traded in our beloved 2016 SS on this G80. Why? Because right now 2020 G80's are selling cheap and SS's are worth a king's ransom. I almost could not afford to not do it. Money difference between the cars was under $20,000!

By the way I actually had 2 SSs, a 2014 that we traded in on a 2016 to get the newly introduced Mag Ride option. If GM was still in the "CAR" business and made a 2020 SS I would certainly own it and you would not be reading this.

Anyway onto the comparison:

The cars are almost the same size to the inch:

SS - 196″ L x 75″ W x 58″ H, 3997 lbs, 6.2 liter LS-3, 415 hp, 415 ft/lbs tq, 6 speed auto, RWD.
G80 - 197″ L x 74″ W x 58″ H, 4674 lbs, 3.3T GDI, 365 hp, 376 fl/tq, 8 spead auto, AWD.

Wow, what a porker the G80 is. Even allowing 150 lbs for the awd system the G80 is still obese (and the SS was not exactly anorexic)

They actual run the exact same size tires (staggered and all) so I can run the Pirelli Sottozero RF snow tires I bought last year for the SS on the G80. That should make it a real tank in the snow!

The G80 is very handsome car, with good proportions, it is probably somewhat better looking than the SS. The SS wasn't ugly mind you, it just wasn't movie star handsome. The wheels on my G80 Sport are much better looking than those on the 2016 SS, but only equal to the ones on my 2014 SS.

Electronics - GM only gave the SS a minor touch up in 2015 so the electronics were nearly always dated. Although not bad for the time they can't hold a candle to the G80. Except in one area. Both my SSs the 2014 and the 2016 and full self parking features, both parallel parking and back in. There is absolutely no reason any high end car with electronic power steering and all the sensors should not have the feature. SHAME ON YOU HYUNDAI / GENESIS.

to be continued......


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Hey, well congrats! I've got a 2018 G80 Sport and absolutely love it. Not one issue in almost three years, not even the slightest hiccup. Runs strong, killer stereo and tons of features as I'm sure you well know. Good luck with it. You'll meet people who have no idea what that car is and get a lot of compliments. The 2021 G80 will have self parking available.
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