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2020 G80 Sport - Steering Wheel "Offset"

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I'm currently the owner (lease) of a 2020 G80 Sport RWD. A huge fan of the car having previously owned (leased) a 2018 G80 Sport AWD. I'm curious if any one else has experienced an "off set" steering wheel. The car is aligned and drives straight with light hand touch. The issue is that the steering wheel is offset to the right slightly. When I center the steering wheel, the car steers left slightly. I suppose I have just a touch of OCD, but it drives me nuts. Had a similar issue with the 2018 G80 Sport. Multiple attempts to correct and just ended up "dealing with it". Understand that the steering is all electronically controlled. Recently had the 2020 model looked at and the tech claims all alignment is "within standards". Any thoughts would be appreciated on potential solutions. Thank you - JB
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Its just your alignment. Go get an alignment.
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