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2017 Genesis G80 Spied

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The 2017 Genesis G80 has been spotted testing on the Nurburgring. Although in full camouflage, it's still pretty easy to notice just about everything on it. We can also see that it is fitted with a roll cage, along with Recaro seats. Obviously those will not be available in the production vehicle but, it does look pretty cool and awkward all at the same time.

Now, we can see quite the significant amount of body roll translated through the pictures which indicates this isn't going to be you're sporty, weekend track day performance sedan. However, that's not what this is intended for, so I'm okay with that.

Check it out !

Via AutoEvolution

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At this rate it seems Hyundai could be coming out with a super sedan faster than Lexus. Lexus just better hope this won't out perform its Lexus LS-F... that's if they even make a move on it...or anything a slight step below, it just has to be more potent than the current LS F-Sport.
A super sedan from Hyundai would be a game changer. It's just if we could figure out what kind of motor setup they'll be using, RWD or AWD, etc.
I think they're at a point where they might share a performance engine with another brand or just develop their own for use in multiple vehicles, maybe to a similar extent that Lexus uses some of its V8's. They can always have the engine stand alone or pair it with a hybrid system and/or turbos.
Something of this size, I would think turbos. It'll be pretty darn heavy as it is and putting a hybrid system in there may not work out so well.
Single turbo is the way to go, enough to get it off the line with just enough power once its up to speed then it should be good enough on less help from the turbo, once you build up those RPM's its always easier.
Single small turbo would be good enough, hit peak boost at around 3000-3500rpm and your good to go. Build the torque early where you need it to get this heavy machine chugging along to pick up momentum
I would be in for that, at least then it would prevent them from having to take away from any part of the top or bottom end if they were to go N/A.
Exactly. I personally would also like to tighten up the suspension as well though. That's a bit too much body roll for me. Obviously I won't be taking it to the track or anything, but I've been known to drive a little spirited around windy roads when I get the opportunity
but being a luxury sedan that's doing that might take away from the luxury side of things.
instead what Hyundai needs to do is remedy this by offering some active suspension system
with the direction they're taking the brand, it's something that has to happen
That'll hike the price up a good chunk though. Adaptive active suspension or even air suspension will be adding a good chunk to the price. Might take away from the competitiveness in it's segment (price wise) but it will make it more fair in the tech/luxury feel of things.
If they want to compete with Mercedes, Audi, BMW, etc. then that's required. Those brands already have that tech and it's proving to serve them well. But from what I understand there are various types of suspension systems like this, just depends on how far they want to take it. One of those things they'll have to take a gamble on temporarily.
Various types that are called different names but pretty much have the "same" goal. I think they're too fresh to take on a gamble like that, especially if it'll put them right at or over what a Mercedes or BMW would cost.
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