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I just watched my idol, Scotty Kilmer talk about the the Scion TC 2011-2016 being one of the top 3 best cheap budget commuting car to buy.
I currently have a 2014 Scion TC monogram trim AT with 53k miles that has all services done since day one.
I was set on going 2017 Genesis G80 5.0 ultimate with 30k miles with 10/100k power train warranty.
What you think? Go for the g80 and sell the Scion and don't look back? Or possibility have regrets and being stuck with a car payment and $15k out of pocket for the G80?
The G80 checks all the boxes for what I want in a luxury car. The flaws on box cars are equal, TCs dash by pillars have two .5" stress cracks/ g80 has leather tear by windshield vent. Both need a detail.
V8 RWD Made in Korea or Japan Real exhaust tips Color combo contrast In dash infotainment Wood and aluminum trim No piano gloss plastic! Spare donut tire Aux input Infotainment off button
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