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'18 G80 sport - wiring up radar detector and dashcams?

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Hi folks,

Brand new '18 G80 Sport owner here. I'm interested in cleanly installing an escort max360 radar detector as well as a dashcam that has a front camera as well as a rear camera unit.

I really like clean installs and don't want wires running all over the interior. Can anyone comment on how easy/hard it is to do things like:

  1. Split 12v power out of the rear view mirror to power radar detector (and maybe the dashcam as well)
  2. Run wires through the car body to hide the dashcam cables (front windshield and wire run to rear windshield)

Hesitant to do the work myself but before I talk to installers I figured i'd ask the community how 'friendly' the G80 is towards running cables and splicing in 12v powered accessories
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For a really clean install, I think you have to put the wires under he weather stripping and to the back of your rear view mirror. Not really something I'd do by myself with my horrible track record. Also have no idea where you'd plug it in to be inconspicuous.
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